About Us


Everkon Sdn Bhd is an International Trading Company specializing in the Import and Export of Food & Beverages, Frozen and Ambient Products.

We offer a secure and reliable platform to facilitate the supply of quality products across domestic and foreign countries.

Experienced in:
• Marketing analysis (Identifying quality and hot selling Malaysian products)
• Product sourcing and procuring
• Negotiation and partnership strategy (Negotiate for good competitive pricing)
• International Business Consulting (Understanding and complying the destination countries’ import and labelling regulations)
• Trans-shipment (Consolidating, loading, and stuffing various products into a full container load for shipment)

Our reputation and strength in the following aspects allow us to successfully represent numerous Malaysian food manufacturers and processors in promoting their products worldwide, mainly to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and China


What We Do

At Everkon, we provide a one-stop service to for businesses who are interested in importing F&B products from Southeast Asia. 

我们精通国际市场 与多家生产商和运输公司紧密合作 为您提供进出口优惠价格及运输,一站式为您解决一切海外进出口的烦恼

Our Services 服务

Sourcing 采购

OEM 品牌定制

Advisory Consulting Role 提供咨询建议

Compliance 出口规矩和手续

Stuffing and Checking 进货查货

Consolidation 合并出柜