Currently, our main exporting countries are USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

3 in 1 White Coffee, Malaysian Milk Tea, Durian Coffee, Tongkat Ali Coffee, Ginger Tea

Top Quality Frozen Whole Durian – Musang King, D24, Frozen Durian Pulp (Vacuum Pack), Frozen Durian Paste, Durian Pastry – Mochi, Mooncake, Spring Roll 冷冻榴莲,猫山王榴莲,苏丹王榴莲,榴莲口味制品

Fish Skin Chips, Salted Egg Fish Skin Chips, Chilli Fish Skin Chips, Seaweed & Wasabi Fish Skin Chips, Cheezy Fish Skin Chips, Fish Crackers, Prawn Crackers, Chips

Instant Noodles, Dried Noodles

Soy Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Malaysian Curry Paste, Other Ready Mix Cooking Paste, Special Bak Kut Teh Mix

Traditional Cookies, Festival Cookies – Chinese New Year, Christmas, Biscuits

Frozen and Ambient 冷冻或室温

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Sago Starch

Sago Starch Star Brand

Dipping Sauce, Fish Skin, Soybean Skin

Canned Ready to Drink Coffee, Soya Drink, Herbal Drink, PET Bottled Drinks, Isotonic Energy Drinks

Ready-to-Eat Meals, Frozen Fish Ball, Frozen Delicacies, Frozen Pastry, Frozen Dim Sum, Ice Cream